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After years of working in the finance industry Jack felt like there was something more that he wanted to get involved with.  That interest was awakened after traveling through the American countryside, where we witnessed that the rustic charm of the Middle America and thought that this is something that should be shared with the whole of the country at a high level of quality while being at an affordable price so everyone can enjoy it. 

That’s why in the early 90’s he started a business to bring high quality, handcrafted county style décor that would also be affordable and accessible to anyone wishing to add some country charm to their home or garden. 

With the popularization of online shopping, providing these decorations became even more simple and convenient for shoppers nationwide. So starting in 2014, Glitzhome was created to create a platform that would bring customers together with the products they desired. 

So whether you are decorating for a holiday or you want something to add some charm to your home or garden year round, Glitzhome provides an affordable way to bring a new look to your home with just a few clicks of your mouse.