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The Mid-Century Modern Magic
Largely connected to the contemporary art world, Mid-Century Modern design is one of today's favorite interior and exterior styles.
Mid-Century Modern is largely connected to the contemporary art world and can relate to furniture, architecture and graphic design (roughly) from the mid-1930s to mid-1960s. It originated in America but expanded all across the globe, becoming one of today's top design choices for some of the most iconic designers and architects. Mid-Century Modern style highlights the discovery and exploring of new textures, shapes, effects, colors and forms. It is characterized by functionality, uncluttered and sleek lines, minimalist feel, combination of old and new, contrast and juxtaposition of materials. How to combine them at home? Although it may seem intimating at first, owning these pieces is like owning pieces of art. Build the space around it. Combine neutral with bold, play with colors but try to avoid too many patterns - you want this piece to be the centre of attention.